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Christian Cowan x Acer pic by Charlotte Rutherford
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the best twist



Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly

I just want to put out there that Princess, an AfroLatina trans woman at Temple University, also talks about how her university downright refused to investigate her rape even though medics and police officers were there after the assault, and let her rapist walk away unquestioned.Source (x), which much more details.
Please use the momentum of this story to help multiply marginalized women, especially those who are getting absolutely *no* support or attention for the violence they are surviving.




Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

excuse me WHY are his hands up i cant handle this

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A rare natural phenomenon turns one of Austria’s most beautiful hiking trails into a 10 meter-deep lake, for half the year. Located at the foot of the Hochschwab Mountains, in Tragoess, Styria. Green Lake(Grüner See) begins to appear as temperatures rise in the summer months, the snow and ice covering the mountaintops melt, and the water pours down, filling the basin below with crystal-clear water.

Pink Pagoda Fungus - Podoserpula miranda
What you see in this picture is a spectacular Pink Pagoda Fungus, species Podoserpula miranda (Amylocorticiales - Amylocorticiaceae) discovered in the Pacific island archipelago of New Caledonia in 2009, and described in 2012.
Podoserpula miranda not only has a highly striking color for a fungus but also an architecture that is especially fascinating to scientist, containing a unique set of six mushroom caps that are centered on one stalk and decrease  in size as they near the top. 
References: [1] - [2] - [3]
Photo credit: ©CIRAD/Marc Ducousso | Locality: New Caledonia

Steal His Look: Mulder Running Fast

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The pain of losing a sister at the age of 12 and an incessant need to find out the truth about her abduction and the existence of extraterrestrial life (Free)